First Church Wonderfully Made Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 31, 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Miracle League Fields, Randall Tyson Sports Complex, Watkins & 48th St., Springdale
Inclement weather: First United Methodist Church, 206 W. Johnson Ave., Springdale

First Church Wonderfully Made Easter Egg Hunt is for children of all ages and abilities!

Quiet Egg Hunt is for children on the Autism Spectrum or children with Sensory Processing issues who need a calm environment. Children who do not need a calm sensory environment should sign up for the General Egg Hunt.

Beeping Egg Hunt is for children who are blind or visually impaired. Slightly larger beeping eggs are placed on the field. Once found, beeping eggs are traded for prize filled Easter eggs.

Magnetic Egg Hunt is for children with wheelchairs or mobility restrictions. Magnetic eggs are placed on a hard surface area and poles with magnets on them allow children to collect the eggs. Magnetic eggs are then traded in for prize-filled eggs.

General Egg Hunt is a traditional egg hunt for children who do not need special accommodations.

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Contact Samantha Erickson at 751-4610 or
Thank you to the First Church Foundation for sponsoring this event.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact Samantha Erickson at the above.